nurse helping man bend his knee

Getting back on your feet and being able to live your life freely after an accident or a surgery is a top priority to most. That is why at Delaware Court, we offer our comprehensive on-site rehabilitation program consisting of licensed physical, occupational, respiratory, and speech therapists. We understand that getting you back to your normal everyday self is what is most important. Our professionals will work closely with each resident to develop a personalized treatment plan that will promote the resident’s wellness and independence. 

We offer many different types of therapy services, each led by teams of specially trained professionals who specialize in their fields. Our rehabilitation services include physical therapy, to help improve the resident’s overall strength, balance, flexibility, gait coordination, and mobility; occupational therapy, which helps to improve the resident’s ability to take care of daily activities, such as eating, grooming themselves, and even bathing. We also offer speech therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, respiratory therapy, and outpatient therapy. Speech therapy helps to improve verbal and nonverbal communication. This can include reading, writing, and comprehension skills.

Cardiac rehabilitation provides support for residents that are recovering from a cardiac event. This helps to improve their overall health and wellness while on their journey towards rehabilitation. Respiratory therapy helps to improve a resident’s respiratory status, improve shortness of breath and breathing techniques. This in turn helps improve oxygen levels in the blood and will improve their energy levels. Lastly, we offer out-patient therapy for our residents that need a little extra care when being discharged to their homes. This is only to prevent the loss of progress that they have had while in treatment at our center. 

Delaware court has many different options for therapy for our residents. Because of this, we can guarantee that our residents will get the best care, personalized to their needs. With such a wide array of services and a team to match, Delaware Court residents can get back to doing what they love sooner rather than later.