Beautiful green plants

You may know that Thursday, April 22nd is Earth Day this year, but were you aware that the entire month of April is known as Keep America Beautiful Month? Now more than ever it’s important to be taking care of our communities and our planet, as climate change is on the rise and threatening species and habitats as it is. Looking to go beyond the simple “reduce, reuse, recycle” slogan? Delaware Court invites you to learn more about taking care of Mother Earth. 

We can start with another observed “holiday” in April: Arbor Day! On April 30th, everyone is encouraged to plant trees in their communities, maintain living trees, and educate other community members about their importance. After all, deforestation wipes out an astounding number of trees every year, leading to increased carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere and the destruction of natural habitats. By planting trees we create cleaner, breathable air for ourselves and decorate our communities with a beautiful, natural touch!

Keep America Beautiful Month often focuses on three main objectives: to reduce, to teach, and to beautify. First, reduce waste by avoiding single-use plastics and reusing, upcycling, or restoring old items. The next step is to teach–teach children about the importance of this issue and keeping our country (and Earth) clean. Lead by example and avoid littering, harming flora and fauna, or leaving a large carbon footprint. 

Then, beautify! As Americans, many things may divide us, but we can all unite towards a common goal: making our country beautiful. Pick up trash when you see it, plant flowers or trees at home, clean monuments in your city…the list goes on. What will you do this month to make your community a better place?