Care, Support, and So Much More


At Delaware Court, we are all about independence, choice, and dignity. We’re here for those who need a little more assistance than a retirement community offers. If you’re familiar with us and our care, then you’re probably aware of how carefully we go about adding on to our excellent team. The nursing staff at our facility is made of the best-specialized nurses to care for you and all of your needs. Not only do they support your basic nursing needs, but they also are prepped for so much more. That’s why there’s no need to worry while you’ve got all of us on your side.

While providing you with security and privacy, our staff can help you with the care that not all healthcare facilities are able to offer. We’re here to help you through everything, from your physician visits to the dentist, phycological, optometry, and even hospice care. Therapy programs are also available that we’ll walk you through. We’ll help support you through physical therapy, occupational, speech therapy, and more! Whatever it is that you need, our staff will be able to get you what you need.

We’re not just a facility full of caregivers here, we’re a family, and we focus on “being inspired” like our American Health Care Association affiliates in Wayne County, Mississippi. Something important to all of us at Delaware Court is that you never have to go through your health journey on your own. We hope that you’ll be able to feel the encouraging environment that we strive to create during your stay here with us. One way we try to make this possible is by encouraging your family members to join in on learning with you. When you’re with us, you’ve got the biggest support team behind you that is here every step of the way! If you’re interested in seeing if Delaware Court Healthcare Center is the right place for you, call us at (740) 369-6400 to schedule a tour of our facility.