Activity Programs For Seniors

Delaware Court's Activity programs

Our activity department is guided by our Activities Coordinator and staff. They offer innovative and creative activities for seniors throughout the week, in the evenings and on the weekends. Outings in our Center’s shuttle help keep our residents involved in the community and maintain a sense of independence. We understand that activities for seniors are an important part of keeping healthy, active, and happy!


Beautician and Barber services are available on-site on a weekly basis. A complete line of products and services is available to meet all types of preferences and hairstyles. Our team of hairstylists and barbers is certain to make sure that no matter what kind of hair you may have, it can be worked with!  It is beneficial to seniors to look the way that they would like to, and we take every step to make sure that they are able to!

silver hair getting cut


Denominational and Nondenominational services are held on a regular basis in the Center. Special services are held on designated holidays as well. Religious programs are provided by the area churches and ministries. If a resident has a special need or desires counseling, the Social Services Department will be glad to make arrangements or help in any way that they can. Religious services are important to keep a sense of community and we are open to several different religious beliefs. No matter what you believe, there is a place for you here at Delaware Court!

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Our activities for seniors are great for all!

Delaware Court’s activity program provides our residents quality time and entertainment. It is also a way to connect with our other residents. We understand that regular activity is needed to keep your mind and spirit active. That’s why we offer many programs and activities in order to ensure our residents are happy! Wish to learn more? Contact us today to set up an appointment! Our care is the best in Delaware!

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