An Inside Look Into Our Therapy Services

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Rehabilitation is never easy, but we want you to know we are on your family's side. Our comprehensive rehabilitation center is staffed with knowledgeable, trained, and licensed professionals ready to help your loved one during any challenging situation.

Because we know that each patient we see may face a completely different set of circumstances than the next, we provide a wide variety of services. Whether your loved one is facing difficulties after a surgical procedure or needs help using specialized equipment, we have the skills to help them grow and achieve their goals. We also train, inform, and educate families and designated caregivers to prepare them for their loved ones' eventual departure. After all, we strive to make our occupational, speech, and physical therapies temporary so that our seniors can once again gain confidence, independence, and control of their health.

Because long-term nursing care is our specialty, we're one of the best options in the area for successful recovery. Some of the long-term goals we aim to achieve with our therapy programs include improving strength, coordination, gait, heart health, nonverbal communication skills, respiratory status, and more. However, our general goal for all seniors is to improve their health and wellness and assist them through their recovery process.

Our excellent team of physicians, nurses, and therapists are experienced and passionate about what they do. If you'd like to learn more about our staff and our management team, please visit the About page on our website. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for updates about our skilled nursing care facility!

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