Drop a Rock Day

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Have you heard of International Drop a Rock Day? It was started by the Words Rocks Project, an organization that has been “Crafting with a purpose since 2011.” The founders, Carol and Antonio, started a new tradition when they began to write positive messages on rocks found at San Diego beaches, placing them around their homes. When their son encouraged them to place these kind-hearted messages around the city to inspire others and share positivity, Drop a Rock Day was born! Every year, thousands of people join in on the movement on July 3rd, and we even observed it at Delaware Court, too.

This year’s theme was “Be the Light,” but participants can write or paint just about anything on their rocks. It only has to spread good or creativity. We recommend you find your rocks while strolling your neighborhood or at your local gardening and landscaping store to find some incredible varieties. You’ll want to use acrylic paint, first laying down a base coat to create a uniform surface. Be sure to wash and scrub your rock, so dirt and debris don’t mix with the paint.

You can also use paint pens, which are a bit more helpful if you’d rather write quotes and messages than paint a picture. Some people will even find a flat rock and tape a tiny handwritten note to the bottom, waiting for the next passerby to pick it up and enjoy it! Leave your artwork around town, outside your favorite restaurants, or at the park in high-traffic areas, for example. Or, if you enjoy geocaching, these would be great to leave behind for the next hunter!

Delaware Court would love to see your cute creations if you choose to drop a rock. Upload photos to social media and tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

rock rainbow painted with be the light phrase