Enjoy The Great Outdoors

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Happy Great Outdoors Month from Delaware Court! If you regularly read our newsletter, The Delaware Court News, you already know this bit of trivia. June has been Great Outdoors Month for over 20 years! We like celebrating the little things at our Delaware, Ohio, facility. So it would be fitting to share a few outdoor activities everyone can enjoy, along with the right places to do them. After all, we spent so much time inside last year that now it’s time to get out there and enjoy Mother Nature!

Let’s start with some relaxing activities. If you’re lucky enough to live by a community park or small overlook, try some sunrise yoga! Pack up your gear early in the morning and enjoy the beauty of nature coming to life each day as you meditate. Similarly, outdoor tai chi can significantly benefit your health and focus.

Try geocaching if you prefer something a bit more engaging but less strenuous than an intense workout! Download a geocaching app or GPS and head out for a hike, keeping an eye out for marked places on the map. If you come across a cache, or a small gift left behind by another geocacher, you can take it–leave behind something for the next person in that spot.

Ohio is full of parks and resources that will allow you to get a workout in, all while appreciating the natural beauty of our state. But outdoor activities like trail running or rock climbing might be more your speed if you want to work up a sweat. Will we see you in the Great Outdoors this month?

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