Health And Happiness At Delaware Court

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At Delaware Court senior living facility, we take great pride in making sure that the families of our elderly residents can rest assured of the best possible care for their loved ones. During such a challenging time for your seniors, between doctor’s visits, managing pain, and transitioning into different living situations, preserving their dignity and enthusiasm for life is something that we strive to do.

Our skilled and compassionate staff will help your loved ones and provide them with 24-hour supervision, medication assistance, personal care assistance, health care services, activities, and accommodation to our resident’s changing needs and preferences. We will ensure they take advantage of the services provided to make them more comfortable and let you know they are receiving the attention they deserve.

To ensure we give your loved ones the best care, we offer our healthy heart program. This program ensures that our patients stay healthy, happy, and active. One aspect of this program is to provide post-hospital care for those who have experienced a cardiac event. Another goal of this program is to improve our residents’ health, wellness, and fitness levels. We strive to keep our residents and their families educated on how to live happily with a heart condition while also sharing healthy habits to practice on a day-to-day basis.

If our professional staff and outstanding heart program have not convinced you enough, we do not know what will. We genuinely believe that the best care you could possibly ask for from a senior living community comes from us. To prove this, we encourage our seniors’ families to stay involved while encouraging residents to stay engaged with the community, so they do not lose their sense of independence. To learn more about the best facility, visit us online or call (740) 369-6400.

group of healthy seniors walking down street