January Recap at Delaware Court

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We've had a great January here at Delaware Court! We've had an incredible lineup of events these past few weeks! This month has allowed all of us to wind down from our exhilarating Christmas activities in December, But winding down doesn't mean we're having less fun! Here's what we've been up to:

We've continued our Ice cream carts every Friday this month with tasty classic flavors like strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate. This is often our residents' favorite day of the week because everyone deserves a delicious treat! Ice cream also makes for a great social activity for all at our facility.

Another favorite is our Karaoke Fun event, which we held in the morning on January 27th. We love hosting this activity and watching residents jam out to their favorite tunes, from classical rock to modern-day pop! Events like these make our residents' time here more enjoyable. It's important to let loose and have a blast with those in our little community here.

Coloring is a great way to relieve everyday stressors and improve sleep! We all know sleep is an integral part of health, and we're all about promoting healthy living for our residents! We've found that our coloring club also allows residents to let loose and get creative!

In addition to promoting our rehabilitation programs, we always try to have some fun at our skilled senior nursing facility. Our activities calendar gets updated monthly, so check back next month for more information. Follow us on Facebook for timely announcements. That's all for now; thanks for reading!

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