Movie Marathon Over The Holidays

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There’s a Christmas movie out there for every kind of personality. Are you in love with romance? Hallmark has dozens upon dozens of movies available. Comedies are also in abundance. Even action-orientated Christmas movies are out there. As a family, have each member pick out one movie they want to watch, and during December, watch all of them in one or multiple sittings!

This is a popular tradition, and there are multiple reasons why:

  1. It gets everyone in the Christmas spirit. Seeing many movies back-to-back with Christmas songs and traditions on display will only increase your anticipation for Christmas Day to arrive.
  2. It strengthens the family bond. Families are always looking for ways to get closer to each other, and doing fun, relaxing things like movie marathons are an excellent source for family togetherness.
  3. It gives everyone a stress reliever.

From Christmas shopping, planning Christmas dinner, or work, everyone is bound to have some stress built up. Let your guard down for 2 hours and bask in the spirit of family and the holidays.

If you have a senior living with you, this is also a great way to keep them involved with the family. Sometimes seniors feel excluded from family gatherings, and it can really wear them down over the holidays. For seniors in nursing homes, there are good odds that the home will have a “movie night” for all residents to participate in.

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grandma and grandpa watching tv