New Beginnings

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Each time we are chosen as someone’s desired healthcare facility, we know we’re doing something right. Our team at Delaware Court Healthcare Center is comprised of the finest administrative, medical, nursing, therapy, and support staff in Delaware County and surrounding areas, all dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those we serve. Our facility provides several programs to help our residents grow in their health journeys. These include our Healthy Heart Program, Comprehension Rehabilitation, Restorative Care, and more. Although we are confident in the care we provide, we are always aware that our residents would much rather stay in the comfort of their homes. We don’t blame them for that. Our New Beginnings program is one of the most critical programs we provide for them. It is one of the most exemplary transitional programs for the elderly.

The purpose of New Beginnings is to provide residents with various therapy services to improve their overall health, wellness, and fitness levels to return home and retain a higher quality of life than before. This program is vital as it prepares and evaluates every person to ensure they’re entirely prepared to return home again. Once our residents head back to their homes, we feel the comfort in knowing that they are fully equipped with the skills they’ve learned from us to be on their own again. Whether that’s after undergoing physical therapy, helping with new daily living skills, or simply recovering after a procedure. Each team member is confident that everyone will be able to live a better life and will be glad to do so!

We at Delaware Court are proud to serve everyone in the Delaware, Ohio, area. We hope you’ll come and visit our facility to learn more if you think you could benefit from this program. If you or your loved one has reservations about entering a facility like ours, we hope that we can reassure you that our programs do work and we won’t rest until you’re satisfied with our care and your health.

nurse helping older woman in wheelchair