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The Surprising History Behind The Spring Equinox

Goodbye, Old Man Winter! This year handed a harsh winter to us here in Ohio, with February snow storms that had wide-reaching effects across the entire United States. Luckily we are safe here at Delaware Court, and we even managed to take advantage of the cold and snow by making fun crafts and playing engaging […]

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Getting Back On Your Feet Has Never Been This Easy!

Getting back on your feet and living your life freely after an accident or surgery is a top priority for most. We understand that getting you back to your normal everyday self is most important. That is why we offer our comprehensive on-site rehabilitation program consisting of licensed physical, occupational, respiratory, and speech therapists at […]

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Staying Active While Stuck Inside

The world is still amid the COVID-19 global pandemic with no clear end in sight. This means that most people are still stuck inside for the foreseeable future. When you’re stuck indoors, it can be tempting to recline on the couch for hours. However, there are plenty of ways to stay active and healthy indoors […]

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Movie Marathon Over The Holidays

There‚Äôs a Christmas movie out there for every kind of personality. Are you in love with romance? Hallmark has dozens upon dozens of movies available. Comedies are also in abundance. Even action-orientated Christmas movies are out there. As a family, have each member pick out one movie they want to watch, and during December, watch […]

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Therapeutic Visitation Dogs

It’s no secret that the love bond between an animal and a human is one of the strongest bonds in the world, and that is demonstrated every day in millions of homes. It is also the basis for what is becoming a powerful, everyday mode of therapy in many long-term healthcare facilities in the US. […]

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Investing In Life Insurance

Life insurance can be a necessary investment, even if you are over 60 since your financial goals and needs will change. Some reasons seniors over 60 may want to consider purchasing life insurance would be if they still have an unpaid debt, want to cover end-of-life expenses, or want to leave an inheritance for their […]