Rehabilitation At Delaware Court Healthcare Center

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Delaware Court offers several rehabilitation services to improve the quality of life for our residents. Our caring team of licensed professionals is here to ensure your loved ones receive the best care in a clean, safe environment. Delaware Court offers:


Our staff of restorative and rehabilitative aides is here to help your loved ones on the road to recovery. Therapy programs include:

  • Physical
  • Occupational
  • Speech
  • Respiratory
  • Cardiac
  • Out-patient

Comprehensive Rehabilitation:

Our licensed therapists will work with your loved one to develop a targeted treatment plan specialized just for them. Including:

  • Stroke recovery
  • Pain management
  • Strength building

Restorative Care:

Our team of restorative nurses and aids are dedicated to helping residents improve daily living activities and their functioning levels in specific areas like:

  • Physical, occupational, speech, respiratory, and IV therapy
  • Gait mobility
  • Bed mobility
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Out-patient therapy
  • Cardiac rehab

The rehabilitation team at Delaware Court is here to help your loved one in their journey. Whether they need a little help in their recovery before heading home or more long-term intensive care in a safe environment, call us at 740-369-6400 to learn more.

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