September is Intergeneration Month

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Have you heard that September is Intergeneration Month? Many people don’t know about this month-long observance or what it entails, so your friends at Delaware Court wanted to share the word with you.

Most people develop friendships with others their age through childhood upbringing, school, or the workplace. In Intergeneration Month, however, we recognize and celebrate those friendships that span generations and create beautiful memories! In 2000, the Intergeneration Foundation launched a single annual day to mark the occasion but quickly garnered so much support that it soon discovered 24 hours to be insufficient for the cause. After that, September was named Intergeneration Month! (This observance also shares the stage with Grandparents’ Day, quite fittingly.)

Many organizations (like the American Library Association, American Association of Museums, and American Council of Life Insurers, to name a few) have joined in on the fun in the last 20+ years to make Intergeneration Month a memorable experience. This year, you may find virtual events and articles on age-related needs.

How can you celebrate Intergeneration Month? Start by visiting with your grandparents! It’s about more than just being friends. Connect with someone of a different age over lunch or a movie, and share personal stories with them. Take in the wisdom the other person has to offer, and know you’re better off for it! If you have a grandparent or great-grandparent at Delaware Court, we always encourage families to stay connected through video chats and scheduled visits.

If you’d like to schedule a virtual visit with your loved one in observation of Intergeneration Month, call our facility at (740) 369-6400 to get in touch with our administrative staff!

grandmother hugging granddaughter