Keep Your Health Up With Our Healthy Heart Program

This amazing program is specially designed to keep our seniors heart healthy!

Goals of Our Heart Healthy program:

Our Healthy Heart Program at Delaware Court is strategically designed to aid patients recovering from cardiovascular events. With a strong focus on delivering unparalleled care, we strive to equip patients with critical knowledge and tools for a healthier, joyful life.

We guide seniors in identifying and accurately reporting heart-related symptoms, offering detailed instructions on handling emergencies. This process ensures swift action when necessary, contributing to saving lives.

Choose Delaware Court for consistent, unparalleled care in senior heart health management. Encourage your loved ones to join our community and become a part of our Healthy Heart Program. Let us help them journey towards a heart-healthy lifestyle and a robust, satisfying life. Let us support you and your family in staying heart healthy, living longer, and living better.

This program allows for seniors to live longer and stronger! We hope to help to the best of our abilities with our expert team of senior nurses and doctors!

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