Healthy Heart Program

This amazing program is a specially designed senior care program that helps our residents keep active and happy, as well as heart healthy! With our great nursing staff, you can expect to improve in the areas below.

Goals of the program:

The goals of the Healthy Heart Program are to:

  • Provide post hospital care for patients as they recover from a cardiac event
  • Improve the overall health, wellness, and fitness levels of our patients
  • Educate our patients and their families about living successfully with heart disease
    • Daily Living Activities
    • Heart Healthy Diet
    • Heart Medications
    • Symptoms to report to their healthcare provider

We understand that it can be a long and scary process for some, but have no worries when you choose us at Delaware Court to help you! This is due to our caring and hardworking staff that is dedicated to making sure that your stay is great and comfortable!

This program allows for seniors to live longer and stronger! We hope to help to the best of our abilities with our expert team of senior nurses and doctors!

Wish to learn more? Contact us today!

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