Exceptional Nursing Facility Care in Delaware County: Life, Renewed

In the heart of Delaware County, stands an outstanding nursing facility devoted to enhancing life and health. At our skilled nursing facility, we’ve harmonized the expertise of registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, along with the invaluable guidance of our Medical Director and attending physicians to forge a path health and wellness.

Our team’s firm commitment and cohesive efforts ensure that you experience the best possible life here at Delaware Court. We firmly believe that a thriving life isn’t merely about living, but it’s about living well. And we strive relentlessly to make this sentiment a reality within the premises of our nursing facility.

We invest time and resources to understand your specific needs and design care plans correspondingly. This personalized approach underpins the success of our nursing rehab facilities, making us a beacon of hope for many seeking professional nursing care in Delaware County.

Our core team extends beyond nurses and physicians. A network of professional physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory therapists contribute to our holistic approach towards rehabilitation.

Physical therapists focus on improving your mobility and body strength. Occupational therapists help you regain independence by assisting with self-care tasks. Speech therapists help you recover your communication capabilities, and respiratory therapists assist in optimizing lung function.

This integrated approach to rehabilitation ensures that you receive comprehensive care within our nursing facility, which focuses not only on the ailment but addresses overall wellness and quality of life.

Choose Delaware Court for a nursing facility that meets your healthcare needs with compassion, expertise, and exceptional care. Live your best possible life with us!

old woman enjoying her time at our senior nursing facility working with nurse

Families are encouraged to attend Care Plan conferences to remain informed and involved. Our staff of registered and licensed nurses as well as state tested nurse assistants are carefully screened prior to employment and chosen carefully. They combine a genuine concern for their residents along with their professional credentials. This genuine concern is an attitude shared by all of our staff members. These team members are highly trained, and long-term care is their specialty. Individualized rehabilitative nursing techniques help residents become as self-sufficient as possible as soon as possible, and allow many people to resume their former lifestyle.