State of the art REHABILITATION SERVICES and Senior Physical Therapy Services

we provide compassionate specialty services to all residents.

We pride ourselves on being the best senior rehabilitation facility in Delaware Ohio.

Delaware Court, Home Of Quality Senior Physical Therapy

Delaware Court enjoys a notable reputation as a senior rehabilitation facility that’s wholly committed to guiding the older generation towards maintaining a robust body, an active mind, and a lively spirit. We strongly believe that age is just a number, and it should never limit anyone from leading an active and fulfilling life.

Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services Tailored to Seniors

At Delaware Court, we have a broad array of services at our disposal, each tailored to meet the unique challenges and needs of senior life. We are proud of our therapy programs which include senior physical therapy that helps our residents preserve and even enhance their physical wellbeing. Our physiotherapy experts are specifically trained to handle common age-related issues such as loss of balance, joint stiffness, and muscle weakness. We strive to make each therapy session effective, enjoyable, and motivating, promoting mobility, strength and overall physical health.

Beyond therapy and care, Delaware Court endorses an active lifestyle for all residents. We arrange a variety of activities and events that engage our seniors physically, mentally and socially. Our objective is to ensure seniors at Delaware Court continue to live life to the fullest, enjoying every day with a sense of purpose and joy.

two senior men engaging in senior physical therapy at our rehab center in Delaware

Superior Senior Physical Therapy

At Delaware Court, our senior physical therapy program is meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of our senior community. Our advanced physical therapy services aim to:

  • Improve and maintain mobility and physical strength
  • Enhance balance and coordination to prevent falls
  • Facilitate recovery from surgeries or injuries
  • Manage chronic health conditions
  • Improve overall fitness and wellbeing

Our team comprises highly skilled physical therapists who specialize in geriatric therapy, ensuring that each therapy session is tailored to optimize individual progress.

Comprehensive Memory Care Services

We understand the unique challenges that confront individuals dealing with memory-related disorders. That’s why our memory care services at Delaware Court are delivered with compassion and respect, ensuring:

  • A safe, comforting, and stimulating environment that encourages engagement and social interaction.
  • Personalized care programs designed to slow the progression of memory disorders and enhance cognitive health.
  • Ongoing communication and support for families in understanding their loved one’s condition.


Helps improve overall strength, balance, flexibility, gait coordination and mobility. Senior physical therapy is a great way to keep your body moving and limber!


Helps improve the resident’s management of activities of daily living, including dressing, bathing, grooming and eating. Our nurses can help seniors regain some of their own mobility! 



Helps improve verbal and nonverbal communication. Improves reading, writing and comprehensive skills. Also helps to improve swallow function and appropriate diet texture and consistency. It acts as a great way to help seniors improve their quality of life!



Provides support for residents as they recover from a cardiac event and move towards comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation. We work to improve the overall health, wellness and fitness levels of our residents through our amazing rehab program.



Helps improve respiratory status, shortness of breath, and provides breathing techniques for seniors. This will improve energy level.



We can provide continuing therapy services with a familiar staff after discharge to home, prevents loss of progress made while in treatment at the Center.