State of the art REHABILITATION SERVICES and Senior Physical Therapy Services

Delaware Court, Home Of Quality Senior Physical Therapy

Delaware Court stands out as a distinguished senior rehab center renowned for its unwavering dedication to assisting the elderly in achieving and preserving a strong physique, an alert mind, and a vibrant disposition. Embracing the philosophy that the golden years should be a time of continued engagement and enjoyment, we focus on empowering our residents to transcend age-related boundaries and embrace life with zeal and fulfillment.senior rehabilitation facility

At the heart of Delaware Court is the commitment to enriching the lives of seniors, providing them with a meaningful and joyous environment. Our approach is deep-rooted in the belief that every day should be lived with purpose, and each of our residents deserves an experience defined by happiness and personal growth.

senior rehabilitation facility

The innovative senior physical therapy services at Delaware Court bring a multitude of benefits, including:

  • The enhancement of mobility and consistent preservation of physical strength, allowing our residents to enjoy independence.
  • Improvement in balance and coordination, effectively reducing the risk of falls and ensuring safer navigation through daily activities.
  • Supportive recovery processes post-surgery or after injury, facilitating a smoother and more efficient healing journey.
  • Strategic management of ongoing health conditions, aiding seniors in living more comfortably with chronic ailments.


Helps improve overall strength, balance, flexibility, gait coordination and mobility. Senior physical therapy is a great way to keep your body moving and limber!


Helps improve the resident’s management of activities of daily living, including dressing, bathing, grooming and eating. Our nurses can help seniors regain some of their own mobility! 



Helps improve verbal and nonverbal communication. Improves reading, writing and comprehensive skills. Also helps to improve swallow function and appropriate diet texture and consistency. It acts as a great way to help seniors improve their quality of life!



Provides support for residents as they recover from a cardiac event and move towards comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation. We work to improve the overall health, wellness and fitness levels of our residents through our amazing rehab program.



Helps improve respiratory status, shortness of breath, and provides breathing techniques for seniors. This will improve energy level.



We can provide continuing therapy services with a familiar staff after discharge to home, prevents loss of progress made while in treatment at the Center.