Revitalize Your Life With Our Senior Restorative Care Program

Ensure Your Health With Delaware Court

At Delaware Court Healthcare Center, we are committed to ensuring that our residents continue to receive paramount care even after their Medicare therapy benefits are fully utilized. Our comprehensive restorative services, provided by our highly trained nurses and dedicated rehabilitative aides, are designed to help residents maintain and even improve essential skills and abilities.

This support extends to crucial areas such as ambulation, aiding in mobility and independence; activities of daily living, which covers assistance with personal tasks to enhance quality of life; restorative dining, ensuring that mealtime is both nutritionally beneficial and enjoyable; and improving range of motion, which is vital for physical health and comfort.


  • Physical, Occupational, Speech, Respiratory, and IV Therapy
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation therapy
  • Full-time dedicated therapy staff
  • Pleasant and fully-equipped therapy room
  • ADL self-caring training
  • Gait mobility
  • Bed mobility
  • Therapeutic exercises
  • Treatment technique and equipment
  • Team conferences
  • Family educational involvement
  • Discharge planning and assistance
  • Home Assessment
  • Out-patient therapy
restorative care program