Daughter of resident:

We chose Delaware Court because that was the place that we found and they had an opening.

They kept me very well informed of everything that was going on and helped him get acclimated to the facility. Given his age, we knew he would be there briefly. They just kept me well-informed of anything that happened to him. The nurses were all very kind. It was a good experience. I had the most contact with a nurse; her name was Denise, and she had a mother named Sharon that also worked there. Those were the two who would call me the most and were always very kind.

He was comfortable there. Again, he wasn’t there that long, so I didn’t get to see some of the special programs they did, but they did offer many things for the residents to do.

– May, 2023

Son of resident:

I checked into seven to eight different facilities, and Delaware Court just seemed to fit everything. He has dementia and they needed to take care of him because of that, so that excluded some nursing homes. It is close by and they did have space available for him, and some did not. Some had a waiting list, and Delaware Court had the space.

They give us updates really well. He recently has been in the hospital, and then he came back to Delaware Court. I couldn’t be there for the transportation, so they took care of it and updated me. I had surgery, so I couldn’t be there the whole time, and it was nice knowing that someone was taking care of him.

I don’t know too many names yet. He has only been there since March 30, but Mary Ellen Daily has been helpful. She is part of the admission office and is really good at her job. The person I talked to for his care plan was Debbie Rhinehart, who was very knowledgeable. She knew everything about him, and we discussed his care, and I approved everything she said.

The whole place seems pretty clean, and that is another reason why I chose it.

Overall, when I was talking to Debbie Rhinehart, we brought up different things and she was really open to taking care of anything that I said.

– May, 2023

Son of resident:

I chose Delaware Court because it’s close to my house.

He seems to like it, and he doesn’t mind it. They seem to really like him.

I want to recognize Jennifer; I don’t know her last name, but she is really nice, and I feel that she looks out for my dad.

– May, 2023

Brother of resident:

I chose Delaware Court because of my prior experience with them.

They are friendly, attentive, have decent food, and take good care of her. I don’t know many of the staff by name. When I am there, they don’t really say their names or have name tags, but they are all very decent people when it comes to taking care of my sister. Mary Ellen, a supervisor there, is one of the best I know there.

They are doing a good job in there. The biggest problem is the staffing problem, but they are doing their best to keep up with it. That is a common problem in all nursing homes right now.

– May, 2023

Daughter of resident:

I chose Delaware Court because of their Medicare rating, and my nephew lived one block away.

They treat Mom like their own. The staff adores her. I never have to worry about her getting appropriate care. They are very good to call me and keep me in the loop.

There are so many. It would be easier to say that I have no complaints about anyone. The ones that really stand out are Sammie, Denise, and Jennifer. They are all just fantastic with her.

I think they are very proactive. The options are limited due to her current status, but they do everything possible to make her life the best that it can be.

– May, 2023

Michelle S.:

This is an excellent facility. Our dad went for rehabilitation and the entire staff is outstanding! They all treated my father with respect. We can’t thank them enough for all the care and help they gave our whole family. They kept us posted on his progress and explained everything. I personally observed the staff with many of the other residents/patients and they truly treat them like family. Very knowledgeable staff. Another important observation was it is a very clean facility and smells fresh! We highly recommend this wonderful facility! My father would tell you the dood was awesome also which is very important to older individuals. Thanks so much to the entire staff!


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